ASI Asbestos Sampling and Testing Service

Do you think you have Asbestos and need to get a sample of the material tested?… Call us now and find out more about our contractors bulk Asbestos analysis testing service and reduced prices.

Our UK-based asbestos analysis service can arrange for samples to be taken on site and transported to our laboratory. Alternatively we can send you instructions on what to do so that a small section of material can be taken safely by you and returned to us. Whether you send us a single sample or multiple bulk samples we will report the results to you in the shortest time possible.

As part of our ASI bulk analysis service we have in house consultants that can also offer you advice on what should be done with the analysed material, alternatively we can arrange for one of our consultants to visit you on site to discuss in detail the options available for managing the materials that have been analysed, taking into account location and a range of other risk issues. We can also offer you an overnight, same day or 24 hour analysis service, which ever suits your needs