Widow seeks help with asbestos investigation

3rd September 2014

A widow who recently lost her husband to asbestos-related mesothelioma is seeking help with an investigation into why he developed the disease.

Audrey Thompson, 80, from Ulverston, has hired lawyers Irwin Mitchell to find out why her husband Bernard was not protected against asbestos at work. Between 1953 and 1976, Bernard worked on a pig farm run by Jim Barton and it’s believed that this is where he breathed in the potentially-fatal dust, as he used corrugated asbestos sheets to construct the roofs of three pig houses, reports thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk.

Unfortunately, in order for Mrs Thompson to receive compensation, Irwin Mitchell needs to trace the employer’s liability insurer, which is proving difficult. The farm has since shut down and the owners have passed away, so the lawyers are appealing for people who worked at the farm during the same time period to come forward, reports nwemail.co.uk.

Mrs Thompson said that Bernard died just months after becoming ill in January 2012.

“My husband was a hard-working man and it has been difficult to come to terms with the fact that he became so ill simply because he went to work every day on the farm,” she explained. “I just hope that people who either knew him or remember any information about the insurers at the farm come forward to help with our investigations.”