The history of this picture…

28th September 2015

A management survey was carried out. It identified the plasterboard panel forming the wall in the 1st floor bedroom. The surveyor was correct not to inspect the wall void for this type of work.

The wall was due to be refurbished in order to create disabled access to the room, the duty holder chose not to carry out a refurbishment survey, assuming the management survey would be sufficient.

A labourer (not asbestos awareness trained) pulled the wall down, but was stopped by his supervisor (whom had sufficient training) following his return to the work area.

The material within the wall void was identified as loose, pure Amosite (Grunerite) sitting behind a hessian ‘net’ which was stapled to the timber frame.

Original costings

  • Management survey to the room : Approx £150
  • Planned/scheduled removal works £2,800
  • Planned/scheduled Air tests £300
  • Hotel accommodation for the family during works £350

Total £3600

Subsequent costs

  • Emergency removal costs £5,000
  • Emergency air testing £1,000
  • Hotel accommodation (including 14 day notification period) £1,487
  • Replacement of all items in house as covered with amphibole asbestos £60,000
  • HSE fine – Dependant of company size, in this case >£70,000
  • Loss of ‘Incident’ free work practices, with regard to health and safety. Affecting tender opportunities
  • Investigatory works in to better work practices £? Management time etc
  • Prohibition order (Stopping the company working until such time they show improvement in procedures) £?

Approx total (including subsequent Investigation) £150,000