Pensioner’s nine-month plea for asbestos removal remains outstanding

15th September 2014

A leading housing group claiming to “invest in people” has failed to remove asbestos from the flat of a pensioner – despite the fact that she suffers from a chronic lung condition.

Devon and Cornwall Housing (DCH) were first notified of asbestos tiles by Penzance resident Annette Attmere, 63, in January 2014. After a nine month battle with her landlord, Miss Attmere’s Alverton flat still contains broken asbestos tiles, reports.

Although DCH’s mission statement claims they are “determined” to “make sure you have a home to be proud of”, they have failed to respond to the pensioner’s pleas. Miss Attmere, who has breathing difficulties and frequent chest infections as a result of her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, said: “The tiles are constantly breaking and I’ve been told that for my health they need to be removed, whether they’re a low risk or not.”

It was only after Miss Attmere’s son, Steve, contacted that DCH visited the property. However, asbestos floor tiles remain in two rooms.

Dr Emrys Evans, a chest physician and spokesperson for the British Lung Foundation Wales, told last month: “Exposure can often occur unwittingly, and so wherever people live or work they should reliably be informed of the presence of asbestos. Not to do so is reckless.”

DCH seems to have realised the error of its ways, as a spokesperson said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to Miss Attmere and apologise for the delays to repairs in her home. This is an exceptional situation, falling below our normally very high standards.”