Mesothelioma develops after engineer eats asbestos

23rd March 2016

A former engineer recently diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma is thought to have developed the disease after ingesting asbestos fibres while eating lunch at work.

Trevor Jones from Angus in Scotland said he was never told that he was working in an environment containing asbestos. He was ‘stunned’ when doctors informed him he had mesothelioma following a routine bowel screening. Mr Jones now has as little as three years left to live, reports

“I would sit in my work clothes eating sandwiches at my desk or in the canteen,” he explained. “If any asbestos fell on your clothes, you brushed it off casually with your hands not knowing the danger. We were never warned that we worked in an area with asbestos. I certainly never thought this cancerous substance could be swallowed and cause cancer.”

Dianne Foster, a support officer with Asbestos Action Tayside (AAT), which is providing support to Mr Jones, noted that anyone who works with asbestos should remove their work clothes and wash their hands before eating or handling food.

Mr Jones was recently made redundant from his job after more than 50 years. He plans to use the money he’s saved to tour the country and make the most of the time he has left.