Man with terminal cancer wins huge asbestos payout

18th July 2014

A man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at 30 years old, has won a huge payout from Devon County Council, after he claimed he was exposed to asbestos as a schoolboy.

Chris Wallace, who is now 36, attended four different Devon schools between 1982 and 1993 as a child. He compiled evidence of the instances of when he may have been exposed to the deadly fibres, but explained that it’s not easy to build up a case.

“The council has to take a large chunk of responsibility,” he stated. “They know it’s in the building and children are at risk of getting to it. It’s down to them to ensure it’s removed safely.”

Devon County Council described the case as unique, as no other pupil has attempted to take similar legal action thus far, reports. It claims that it does a good job of managing asbestos within its buildings and that it’s safe as long as it’s not disturbed.

“All Devon schools have been surveyed for asbestos and each school holds a full record of any asbestos in its buildings,” it said.

Mr Wallace will receive a £275,000 payout from the council, reports The case was settled outside of court, but the council does not accept liability.