Hospital plagued with asbestos to be knocked down and replaced

6th November 2014

Heanor Memorial Hospital in Derbyshire is to be knocked down and replaced, as the building is full of asbestos.

Asbestos dust was found in the hospital’s boiler room in September last year, when staff members were carrying out a routine inspection. The hospital was subsequently closed and clinics and services were moved to Ilkeston Community Hospital on a temporary basis, reports

Over the past year, several meetings have been held to decide what should be done about the asbestos-filled hospital. The proposal which suggested the hospital building be demolished and replaced with a new £2.5 million facility has now been green-lit by NHS Southern Derbyshire. The Wilmott Street health centre has also been consigned to the same fate.

Andy Layzell, chief officer of NHS Southern Derbyshire, said the hospital will not be suitable for overnight stays, but will include some new services.

“We’ve put an enormous amount of work into these plans – trying to get people’s opinions and understand what they want from start to finish,” he explained. “And we continue to work with people as the new health centre is being designed and built.

“They feel an enormous amount of attachment for the old hospital, and we respect that, but the feedback on these plans has been very positive and we’re so grateful and impressed by the way local people have been involved in this process.”

It is hoped the new facility will be open by early 2017, reports