Former teacher dies from asbestos illness one week after diagnosis

4th May 2016

The wife of a former science teacher who died just one week after being diagnosed with mesothelioma is now seeking answers as to why her husband was exposed to deadly asbestos fibres.

Susan Clegg believes her husband David was exposed to asbestos during his career as a science teacher. He worked for eight weeks at Pollard Bearings at Ferrybridge during the 1970s, but his family suspect that the exposure might have also occurred at Goole Grammar School, now known as Goole Academy, where he worked for a year. Until 2000, Mr Clegg was a teacher at Featherstone High School, reports

Following his death, Mrs Clegg has requested that former school staff come forward and help her find out more about why David may have been exposed to asbestos fibres.

“David and I were shocked and devastated by the diagnosis,” she explained. “We had no time to come to terms with it. We had made plans for our retirement together and now I am facing that future alone.

“I really hope that David’s former work colleagues and employees of Pollard Bearings, Goole Grammar School and Featherstone High School will now give any information about the conditions that David worked in so that my family and I can get some answers.”