Electrician was never warned about asbestos risks

16th June 2015

The widow of a former electrician said he was never warned about or protected from asbestos, so she is now appealing for further information from colleagues.

Peter Redman from Hull passed away at the age of 81 in November 2013. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, which may have been brought on by exposure to asbestos. His career as an electrician spanned from 1952 to 1997. However, it is his time working for Humber Electrical Engineering Company in which his widow’s lawyers are most interested, as he worked in a number of locations where exposure to asbestos was possible.

Shirley Redman has questioned why Peter’s employer did not take the appropriate steps to protect him or his colleagues from asbestos when they were aware of the risks involved. More than once during his employment, Mr Redman worked beside boiler laggers using asbestos insulation.

Oliver Collett from Thompsons Solicitors, the firm looking into Mr Redman’s death, asked anyone who knew him during his time at Humber Electrical to come forward, so that his employers may be brought to justice.

“The legacy of asbestos exposure is horrifying,” he commented. “Thompsons Solicitors is working to expose that legacy and to fight hard on the behalf of workers and their families who should never have to deal with the awful consequences of employers’ negligence.”