Dundee residents show concern over recent asbestos discovery

13th May 2016

Residents in the Charleston area of Dundee have called for asbestos checks to be carried out in local water tanks after the deadly substance was discovered in one recently.

Contractors working on a major project to replace roofing on council homes in Gourdie Road and Balgarthno Road in the west of the city uncovered the asbestos at the end of April. With the story hitting the media soon after, suggestions that there could be more in other tanks nearby quickly spread.

“Since the initial article went in the [Evening Telegraph] about the asbestos, people in the area have been speaking about it a lot,” said Stella Carrington, who is head of the Charleston Tenants and Residents Association.

“A number of locals have been asking whether the council is planning to check all the water tanks in the area as asbestos is very dangerous and they want to know they are safe.”

Despite the local concern, Dundee City Council has said there are no plans to conduct any more checks in the area, with Councillor John Alexander moving to reassure residents of their safety.

It remains to be seen whether the local authority will stick with its decision, but the incident serves as another example of how the presence of asbestos can cause serious concern. It also has the power to damage property owner’s reputation if not dealt with properly.