Dumped asbestos causes road closure in Derbyshire

2nd February 2016

A road in Derby has been closed after the local council was alerted to a pile of asbestos which appears to have been dumped.

The discovery was initially made by concerned locals, who informed the police of the suspicious materials at around 9:00pm on Wednesday evening. The information was then passed to Derby City Council, which chose to shut off a mile-long stretch of Chellaston Lane, the road linking Chellaston with Aston-on-Trent.

According to the council, the decision was made to “prevent people from driving over [the asbestos] and spreading it further.” Were the dumped materials to be touched, the harmful asbestos fibres could potentially be released into the air, causing risk to passers-by.

There was initially some uncertainty around the items: “We had calls saying that there’s a lot of sheeting in the road. Some claimed it was asbestos, others said that it was corrugated roofing from a shed,” police said in a statement.

The council, however, has confirmed the presence of asbestos and is keeping the public away while contractors remove it. A spokesperson said: “The risk is relatively low as it is in a wide, open space on a country road and is undisturbed. However, we would advise staying away from the area until it has been removed by professionals.”

The section of road affected is known to be a fly-tipping hotspot, although police are yet to confirm if the materials have been dropped purposely.