Children seen throwing asbestos-laced cement in Hemel Hempstead

12th May 2015

Dacorum Borough Council was forced to remove chunks of asbestos from a group of garage blocks after children were seen throwing them from the roofs.

Carol Lilley, a grandmother from Warner’s End in Hemel Hempstead, spotted the children and reported the incident to the local council. Although workers came to remove the chunks of cement, which were laced with asbestos, Ms Lilley believes that not enough is being done to protect the children from further danger.

“Children being children they do climb on the garage roofs and they are not very safe,” she told “They threw two pieces of cement off which were whole, but a couple of days later it was all smashed up. They don’t know it is asbestos and they don’t know there is a danger.”

She expressed concerns that the children could get lung cancer later in life by breathing in the toxic fibres, but the council stated that it is unlikely the children would have breathed in any fibres just by picking it up. A spokesman for the council said the fibres within asbestos cement products are only released into the atmosphere when the cement is broken, eroded or drilled into.

In addition to removing the material, the council plans to put up signs to warn people of the fragile roofs. Eventually, the roofs will be replaced with a much safer material.