Calls for inquiry over asbestos movement at building site

10th June 2016

Members of the Yelland Action Group in Newport have requested an inquiry be made into the way asbestos was transported out of the former Fremington Army Camp development site.

The members say open-top vehicles were used to move soil out of the site and that workers were not given enough protection from asbestos. Peter Cresswell, one of the group’s members, told Fremington Parish Council during a meeting that the presence of asbestos at the site was common knowledge.

“Anybody that was a professional would have known about this,” he claimed. “It should have been insisted that all the hazardous materials be removed from the site before development work commenced and before any buildings were occupied.

“Astonishingly, the council allowed the asbestos buildings to be taken apart and left about by workers lacking adequate protective gear and for new residents to come in while the risks were still present.”

Fremington Parish Council has said it will now get legal advice before it decides whether to support the call for an inquiry or not, although most members shared the group’s concerns in the meeting.

In a joint statement, Barratt Homes and Bovis Homes confirmed that the companies put health and safety before anything else and they are working closely with North Devon District Council and the Health and Safety Executive.