Asbestos found at new T in the Park site

6th August 2014

Asbestos has been found at the new site for music festival T in the Park, prompting locals to call for a full examination of the Strathallan Castle Estate.

The asbestos was found on the site of a former landfill within the estate, which is located in Perthshire. A complaint was made about the waste to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), who then confirmed the contamination.

A spokesperson for SEPA commented: “On inspection by SEPA officers, asbestos and other waste was found at the site and the landowner has been asked to remove this, while ensuring any asbestos is taken to an appropriate facility for safe disposal. SEPA officers will continue to monitor the site while the removal of this waste is ongoing.”

Local people believe that a stricter review of the site should have been carried out before the estate was chosen as the new venue. Member of the Scottish Parliament Liz Smith agrees that a full environmental impact assessment needs to be carried out, reports

The promoters of the event, DF Concerts and Events, explained that the asbestos likely came from a corrugated roof, which was left on the estate by flytippers. It added that festival plans will not be affected.

An asbestos discovery is not the only recent incident that’s angered locals about the event, as DF Concerts and Events was not required to apply for planning permission to move the festival from Balado, reports