Asbestos find delays construction in Slough’s new cultural centre

8th September 2014

A cultural and community centre in Slough has had its building work delayed after asbestos was found on site.

The centre, known as The Curve, will now open ten weeks later than expected due to the find. Asbestos pipework lagging was discovered where an old Age Concern day centre used to be back in January. Specialist contractors were needed in order to safely remove the materials.

At one point, Slough Borough Council thought about suing the contractors who knocked down the old day centre, as it wasn’t clear if they should have been responsible for removing the old pipework or not, reports However a report revealed that the council did not have a case.

A spokeswoman for Slough Borough Council commented: “It’s very usual to find asbestos on-site when doing building work, especially when there has been a demolition of a previous building of an age like the old day centre. Unfortunately with any find like this, it took up time and there was a cost for removing it.”

It cost £35,000 to remove the asbestos, with the delay costing a further £352,200, reports The Curve will now open sometime during December, rather than its original September deadline. Inside the £22 million centre will be educational facilities for adults, a new library and a café.