Which type of survey to choose?

16th March 2015

A management survey is the standard type usually needed, and it’s advisable to carry one of these out upon moving into different premises. Even if you have been in the same property since before 2000, it is still recommended that a management survey is carried out to assess if asbestos is present. Such a move would also ‘future-proof’ against upcoming developments.

This action will ensure safe and stable working conditions for staff where ACM might be present, by locating as far is reasonably practical the presence of any such materials in the building. This type of survey will confirm any areas containing asbestos which are likely to damaged or disturbed through general activity, including maintenance. It will also flag any suspected ACM on site and assess conditions throughout.

Employing a competent surveying firm to carry out the assessment will mean that materials can be sampled and analysed in the correct way to give accurate results.

If any refurbishment work is planned for the property, then it is a legal requirement that a refurbishment survey is undertaken to ensure the wellbeing of the contractors. Buildings set to be demolished must be subjected to a pre-demolition survey; which applies to part or full demolition. This type of survey will identify any ACM which must be removed prior any work in order to prevent harmful fibres being released into the air.