What is an asbestos survey?

16th March 2015

For any asbestos concerns in commercial properties, a full and comprehensive survey is certainly a good move, even if there’s only uncertainty and nothing definite. It will provide accurate information about location, amount and the type of any asbestos containing materials (ACM) on the premises.

When carried out comprehensively, a survey will identify any visible asbestos in the building and pinpoint whether activities – day-to-day or foreseeable maintenance and planned changes – will disturb the asbestos and so pose a health and safety threat.

Whilst a survey is not a legal requirement it is a requirement to manage the risk of asbestos the first step of which is to identify any asbestos containing materials, as it will determine the way you approach any future work needed on the building. If, by completing a survey, you can be certain there is no asbestos present then work can forge ahead comfortably. However, if asbestos is found to be present then appropriate precautions can be put in place during construction to ensure health and safety regulations are met.

Without a survey to give a definitive answer, any planned work must be carried out as if asbestos is present, potentially adding unnecessary cost – and not to mention strife – to the building process.