Preparing an asbestos risk register

16th March 2015

After completion of the survey, an asbestos risk register must be compiled by the duty holder. The survey results will assist with the assembling of this register.

Preparing the register is an essential part of the overall management plan and will need to detail current information about the presence (and the condition) of any asbestos in the building. Due to the requirements for this information to be up to date and precise, checks should be made regularly. The HSE recommends updating the register annually as a minimum.

Once an asbestos register has been prepared it should be kept easily accessible; whether in paper or digital format. It will also need to be readily available to any maintenance workers who will need to know the locations of the asbestos. More than this, though, it will give contractors, employers and owners alike the peace of mind that no potentially life-threatening fibres are present anywhere in the building.