Asbestos regulations

16th March 2015

Asbestos can appear in a multitude of forms; from artex walls to ceiling tiles, pipe coverings, insulation and more. Equipment bought prior to 2000 may also be at risk of containing asbestos; this can include items such as ovens, fire blankets and ironing surfaces.

In many cases – when left alone – asbestos can safely remain in a building without causing harm. It is when disturbed that asbestos can become a hazard, though, as it releases an invisible dust into the air and onto clothes. It is these tiny fibres which can cause fatal illness.

Due to this hazard there are strict regulations covering the control of asbestos in non-domestic properties which must be adhered to by law. These are in place to ensure that managers or duty holders have a ‘duty of care’ to ascertain the safety of a building for workers and maintenance teams alike.