Asbestos management plan

16th March 2015

Set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an asbestos management plan should be completed before any building work is arranged. The register forms a key part of this plan and it is a requirement for all buildings that date back to the year 2000 or earlier.

This plan should cover details on who is responsible for managing asbestos; it should include the asbestos register and the plans for working on asbestos materials to safely remove them from the building. The plan should also cover a schedule for monitoring the materials’ condition, plus how and when you will go about telling people your decisions. A detailed guide to creating an asbestos management plan can be found on the HSE website.

Creating a comprehensive plan is important to comply with current regulations and ensure all employees and those using a building are safe. When testing for asbestos it’s important to get expert help to carry out these assessments, which is also advised by the HSE. Building owners are advised to take the belief that, unless proven otherwise by a test, a material should always be assumed to contain asbestos and appropriate safety precautions taken when work is carried out.