Asbestos: Do you know the facts?

We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news, and seen reports of people developing life-threatening conditions some years or even decades after contact with asbestos – but what are the facts? How dangerous is asbestos, and how likely are you to come into contact with it? We’ve made an

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How to deal with asbestos in schools

While asbestos now carries with it deadly warnings, its use in the construction industry was extensive right up until the end of the 1990s. As a result, it can still be found in many buildings across the UK today, including homes, hospitals and – perhaps most worryingly – schools.

The material, according to the

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Preparing an asbestos risk register

After completion of the survey, an asbestos risk register must be compiled by the duty holder. The survey results will assist with the assembling of this register.

Preparing the register is an essential part of the overall management plan and will need to detail current information about the presence (and the

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Which type of survey to choose?

A management survey is the standard type usually needed, and it’s advisable to carry one of these out upon moving into different premises. Even if you have been in the same property since before 2000, it is still recommended that a management survey is carried out to assess if asbestos

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What is an asbestos survey?

For any asbestos concerns in commercial properties, a full and comprehensive survey is certainly a good move, even if there’s only uncertainty and nothing definite. It will provide accurate information about location, amount and the type of any asbestos containing materials (ACM) on the premises.

When carried out comprehensively, a survey

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